Monday, December 27, 2010


Yes I know it's a sickness.  Yes I know I have an addictive personality. And yes I have a thing for having the best toys and yes too many toys. My sickness is addiction, my addiction is kayaking and my new desire is the new Rockstar.  I haven't had the opportunity to try one out yet as they haven't started production but after reading the article it makes a lot of sense.  One of the critical changes is the seat being raised an inch and a half.  When you sit lower in the boat it makes for a more stable platform.  Raising the seat brings your center of gravity in line with the pivotal center of the boat.  Basically it sounds like Jackson greased the bearings and you're in for quite a wild ride.  I'm really looking forward to trying one out. I wonder if I can handle this loose of a boat?  Meantime since I am in the frozen north and they haven't started production just yet, soon, I'm going to raise the seat a bit on my Superstar and see how this idea works in the pool up here. Now what color should I chose?

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