Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May 2nd Tough Choices

May 2nd is going to be tough choices for paddlers in the Midwest. The Kettle River Paddle Fest and the Jim Rada Memorial Race. Information for the Jim Rada race is:

Subject: 2009 Jim Rada Memorial Presque Isle Downriver Race

May 2nd is the official date for this year’s race and all indications
are pointing toward excellent water.

For those that do not know, this race was started in 2004, in memory
of Jim Rada; the legendary paddler and man whom inspired many and left
a long lasting legacy in his book Northwoods Whitewater.

The race is head on the lower section of the Presque Isle river and
has generally been a "bonsai" style class IV/V event with all paddlers
starting at once, first man takes home the trophy. The race has
generally started around 1pm to give people a chance to come up on
Saturday if necessary.

There is exceptional camping at the mouth of the Presque Isle on the
bluff overlooking Superior and we generally have the place to
ourselves. For directions follow the Northwoods Whitewater guidebook.

Dinner has been a pretty informal affair, but I was trying to think of
a way to make it more "family" style. I was thinking of bringing my
grill that way and have a place for everyone to charcoal their
favorite meat, or non-meat? If anyone has thoughts please let me

Even if you aren't into racing, the Presque Isle offers some of the
areas most quality whitewater. And if you are interested in an attempt
of the section it's the perfect time, with skilled paddlers and safety
all around you. Primarily, it is an excellent place to enjoy the
companionship of other paddlers and families alike in memory of a man
whom loved that aspect of kayaking most of all.

If you have any question or comments, please feel free to contact me.
I'm really looking forward to this year’s race; I hope to see you all there!!!

John Kiffmeyer

The information for the Kettle River Festival is:

I've been asked to promote both of them. I myself will not have a choice as my Niece is getting married that day and I would be disowned from the family (again) if I didn't go. Next year I hope these two great events will be planned for different days. Have fun paddling this weekend where ever you go.

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