Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year! Almost Broke 100cfs!

What a sweet way to end and start the New Year. With a freak winter rain storm the Vermillion jumped up to very fun levels. For the Second Annual "Eve" run it was just Brian, Dennis and I but we did it up good putting almost 2 hours on the river. Today we had a great group of 8 paddlers to start the year off. Paddling today was Brian, Bryan, Caleb, Dennis, Graeme, Jake, Rich and I. The Vermillion peaked just short of 100cfs and the speed was great! We all thanked Jake for leaving his boat in Indiana ensuring that paddling would happen. We lent him all he needed for today. Great to see you home Jake! Everyone tore up the Verm today! Lots of fun had and even a couple of pins at the take out for fun...two rocks squared. If I could I would buy everyone t-shirts but I hope this is the next best thing. There are some litho's mixed in with the photos. You can use these for t-shirt design's if you like. I think there needs to be more kayaking t-shirts out. Just have a shop put them on for you. Hope you enjoy them!
It's going to be a great year!!!! Update...I had a shirt made up at Red Wing Sign Worx. They did a great job. You can even email them with the print and they will ship it. Copies off the net may not turn out as good so just email me and I'll send the full print or just wait till I get the cd to you. Most any shirt place will do this but here's their address It was $15 for one shirt made up.

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