Friday, July 21, 2006

Barge surfing?

Today I took my friend Shirley down to Colvil Park to do her first flat water in a whitewater boat. We launched in Bill's Bay and paddled the inlet until she felt very comfortable with the boat. We then ventured out on to the mighty Mississippi for a little??? current??? The river was so low it was barely moving. We paddled down river for a bit and then we saw a barge coming around the bend. Now I have seen a sea kayaker surfing the wake behind barges so I was hoping for a little wave action!! Well the barge passed with barely a ripple on the river:-(
The barge was empty and moving too slow. Shirley and I headed to the island up stream where I know there is a good sand bar that allows waves to break and waited for the huge power boats. We weren't disappointed. We'd bob just off the beach, chit chatting, until they would pass by and then we'd paddle out and catch their wakes. At one time 5 boats passed thru! Low water fun!
These next couple of weeks I'll be getting my sea kayaks out and putting on the miles to get ready for the Two Harbors Kayak Festival. They have an 18 mile race and a 5 mile race. I always go on Friday night and sign up then and enjoy the free gourmet food, free beer and raegae band. It's a really good time and there have always been close to 100 sea kayaks to demo. This will be my fourth year going.

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