Sunday, May 14, 2006

Rainy Weekend

Friday morning I went up to Banning State Park early so I would get one of the 3 non reservable electric sites. When I got there the temp was 39 degrees along with ice cold rain and wind. Earlier I had hoped to paddle on friday while waiting for Brian to come after he got off work. Between the weather and the fact that I was freezing cold... curling up with a good book and 2 pugs looked a little better. Saturday I still had chills only with a slight fever so we opted to head up north and check out the North Shore creeks. We stopped and took a look at the lower St. Louis at 14,000 cfs...WOW...just incredible power!!! After that, we checked the Lester and thought it looked like it would be a fun run...until we got to the first falls and then it was another WOW. People have run the falls but from what I heard, not many. We went further north and took a look at the French, Sucker, and Knife. I wish we would have had the time to go further up. Everything Brian and I saw was amazing. I have nothing but wild respect for the kayakers that run these rivers. The only kayakers we saw this weekend were class 5+ boaters. John and Paul on friday at the Kettle and Zinger, Chad and Greg today at the Kettle. I am just amazed at the ease that they run the rivers. Having started to learn this sport at my age it makes it a bit harder. I know I don't have the muscle and reflexes that I had 30 years ago and that I have to rely on muscle memory aquired only by doing things over and over. Lucky for me I really enjoy the practice! Watching Zinger and Greg surf on Warmup Wave was an education on text book technique with a whole pile of fun thrown in. Well it's back to the Verm to try out some of those moves I saw today!

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