Monday, April 03, 2006

Verm at 300+cfs

Put in wave
S Bend



Dennis said...

Hey Nora, do you have any pictures of Railroad or Triple from today?

I'm dyin' to see those.

Nora said...

Hey Dennis,
The first drop on triple looked really fun...the second drop looked a little nasty. You could hear fair sized rocks getting recirced and knocked around in there. Brian and I pulled a couple of nasty strainers out of the river. Lots of stuff to watch out for. I may go tomorrow with Ben. Brian may go also. I'd like to see a few more people for a good sized group. Otherwise think about wed.

Jesse (Zoolander) said...

Wow, those features looked pretty fun at that level. I haven't been on it above 200cfs. I'm not around that area very often. Nice pics!!

Rosie said...

Those are cool pictures! They should be on AW! Especially, since there is not enough info on the Verm at Hastings on AW. I have no way of knowing, how good the link was, so I think why not ask Nora if she'd write something up and send some pictures along to AW, huh, huh?

I know JeffB has some river info published on AW and there's a lot of Wolf III pictures from various people on there.

I did just pm trucurrent and asked him, if he wouldn't mind posting the info that's now no longer available. I'm excited to see, if he responds...

As you can see I am having a break from my work writing (sigh)...