Saturday, October 10, 2009


My belief in life is that if you ever stop learning or trying new things you're just sitting around waiting to die. I've been paddling with some open boaters now for a couple of years and have looked at their choice of boats with curiosity. This summer at the Wausau Whitewater Park Michelle lent me her Ocoee for a spin. I surprised myself by being able to actually paddle it...per se it was the bottom of the course but it went much better than I expected. When I got home I did some checking. First off Ocoee's are next to imposible to find used...anywhere! The new ones cost more than I can afford. I was overjoyed when I found one on craigslist of all places for a very, reasonable amount. The only catch was someone else had dibs on it and she would contact me if it fell thru. Several weeks later Kate contacted me and said it was mine for the taking. Whoo Hoo! I went right over and picked her up. She was in almost new condition fully outfitted and all I needed was a paddle. Strange feelings have emerged since I bought this boat. I have waxed her twice. Will not let her play on the Verm...too many rocks. I have also named her...Montana. She looks like a Montana. Today after applying the second coat of wax and wondering about the turn of events I came to the conclusion that I have bought a much needed pet. Since my pugs are all gone it has taken everything I have to not aquire another pet. My lifestyle right now would not be good for a dog or even a cat. Don't worry about me giving up my kayaks though. This weeks outings have been Jackson...3, Montana...1, Maybe two later today.