Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Having a Ball on Da Verm!

The Verm is having a great spring! The level hasn't fallen below 100cfs since it opened. I, and many many other paddlers have been rocking the Verm. Kind of funny how some days you have your mojo working and other days NOT! Sunday was a "not" for me but after working a 12 hour day it was just enjoyable being on the river trying to find that elusive mojo. The rest of this week I guess I can consider it found and I know I've spent entirely too many hours (if that's possible) on the Verm this week. More rain in the forcast and plenty of options for this weekend.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Verm....Again....and Again.....and Again.

Verming this week it's been really nice. My son checked it out with me on Monday and took the photos of me. My second run that night I thought I was going to be solo but when I hit RR pool I saw Mike getting ready to launch. Alon joined me Tuesday. The level is holding great so the play has been fun. Some people have asked why I run the Verm alot...well it's right there for me and it sure beats going to the YMCA every night for mindless exercise. Mindless exercise being treadmills and weight lifting. I use the YMCA for raquetball, the climbing wall and hot tub!
More rain coming...WOW... the forcast for the Verm is 1 to 2 inches with this next system and 3 to 4 inches for the North I said WOW! I only have Friday off this week...what to do??? Hmmmmm.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Any Rose Freaks?

I have a couple of suckers coming off my roses and would like to pass them on to a good home. The roses are William Baffins from the Canadien Explorer series. You cannot kill these roses. They're climbers that grow to 12 or more feet. This is a photo of just two of them. I recomend you plant a clemantis with them. Click and enlarge and you'll see the clemantis on the left rose. Let the neighbors figure out how you can have purple and pink on one bush. The roses will repeat all summer. I also have some shrub roses that are sending shoots. They're light pink and magenta. I won't know which they are until they bloom.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spot in the Hole.

Monday night Donut was the biggest I have seen it while still allowing play. Huge! Today it was a bit smaller but still likable. The level is going down slowly which is good as opposed to fast, but it's the time of year when the speed slows down. Get some before it's gone! So far this year the best thing has been my sight. I had Lasiks done and the results are 20/15 in one eye and 20/13 in the other. In the past I have had Accuvue contacts that have consistently blinded me while paddling. Usually the first wave hits my eyes and I literally can barely see a thing! Confinement Canyon...didn't see it...until I got to the bottom and my contacts cleared and I saw the boys all to the left and a big rock in front of me...son of a gun...I knew I couldn't get left fast enough so I took the right and boofed. Having tried everything from Seaspecs to goggles, I finally had the surgery and it was worth every penny. The difference on the river is amazing. Even coming up from a roll I can see immediately where I am in the river. Not all brands are as bad as Accuvue for this but talking to others Accuvue is the worst. I had Dr. Omar Awad at Lasiks Plus in Woodbury do my eyes...I highly recommend him!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kettle River

Today I headed up to the Kettle. Just a sunny friendly day on the Kettle. Not too many photos as my camera was without a battery on the river so I just snapped a few before I left. I did snarf one photo of myself, that Aaron took, off his website . Thanks Aaron for taking photos today! Check out his site for more photos.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Verm at 275cfs

Caleb and I hit up the Verm this morning. I had just came from Midwest with my new Shogun paddle and was wanting to try it out with my creek boat. The Verm was moving at a good pace and the paddle was perfect for me! I had known for awhile that I needed a longer paddle for my creeker. Caleb and I had a really fun run...not too much play for us, but Donut had a little play with me for a bit. Just as I was leaving I ran into Paul turning off of 61 doing the "wave" at me. I turned around and headed back. All my gear was wet and I was froze from the wind so I didn't opt to paddle again but I watched and took some photos of John, Mike and Paul. The sports in my life that I have been drawn to have always combined mind and body. I spent many years in Shotokan Karate. Mind and body train together. The key to becoming good is to train your body to become automatic with your mind. Split second decisions can only be executed if the mind and body are simultaneously linked and react at the same time. Thought equals action. This is accomplished only thru many hours, days, and years of practice. When I used to fight I would try to see how little I had to shift to miss a punch. It was an adrenalin rush to be able to dodge a punch and have it so close you can see the hairs on his arm as it passed you by. A miss by an inch is as good as a mile. By now you're wondering what this has to do with kayaking. As with the levels of ability in karate there are levels of ability in paddling. Caleb and I had a great run today but watching the second crew run the river was an education. It's all a mental perception of the river. I've posted before that confidence is the strongest and the weakest thing on the river. It's like a bank, experiences, partners, teachers and luck all add or subtract to your confidence level. I feel blessed to have the great paddling partners I have! In karate I enjoyed teaching and bringing the under belts up thru the ranks. In kayaking I see alot of new paddlers on the Verm and love watching them grow. You may be surprised to know that I didn't pass my first black belt test. I had the skills and could compete in the men's black belt division but I had a mental shift that needed to be made. Same as with kayaking. When I watched the comfort level and confidence level of the second group I was looking at where I want to be.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Five Fantastic Days on the Verm!

What a great start to a great spring! Today was the first day I really took out my camera and shot some photos. I know it's hard to believe that I haven't but the Verm has been alot of fun. Anyone that knows me knows I'm not much of a RR fan but Saturday when I paddled with Bryan, Caleb, Graeme, and Brian, I jumped in and got some great rides! Even learned that it's pretty darn hard to roll in a whirlpool. Donut has been great as usual and the water speed is still ripping! Today I paddled with Alon, Charles, John, Mike and Paul and got some great photos! Fun weekend!